Spoiler One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers Discussion

Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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Jimbe is between Luffy and Sanji, behind both of them.
Jinbe is not behind Sanji.
But sure, following this logic, Zoro stands the most front and Luffy is behind him

Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are also the one's who get the bits of dialogue on the spread.
Look again. Either Franky or Chopper also has a box of dialogue. So this means shit.
It's only you who sees those instances as wins for Zoro. Unless Zoro outright Beheads Kaido (which won't happen) it will be Luffy landing the final king kong gatling and taking the credit for Kaido's defeat.
That's literally what's gonna happen.
Think back to Straw hats vs Oars where Zoro landed the ultimate set up blow and Luffy found Oars in best position possible to break his bone.

But this time order would be reversed, and Zoro would land the finishing blow, cut his head off, coming from the sky while Luffy would land a set up blow
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