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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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I can play this game all day long

This is the most stupid thing i have ever read, so you think mihawk is stronger than wb from this shit you just wrote..lol

2 arms shanks wasn't even a yonko, he became a yonko 6 years to to the start of the story, that means he became strong enough to be on the same level with bm, kaido and whitebeard while your God tier mihawks couldn't cut jozu or one shot both crocodile and vista and pre ts luffy, yet he's God tier

You're forgetting mihawk and shanks are friends, that's why he could stroll into his territory...let him try that woth big mom or any other yonkou crew..

god teir mihawk couldn't even reach whitebeard lol

Now for akainu...
My guy had to fight for 10 days to beat aokiji

god teir akainu couldn't burn jinbeis hand off or catch up with buggy, your so called god teir had his hand handed to be by an old dying man

Your god teir was stopped by marco🤦‍♂️
I can bring all the bad feats from both characters...but that doesn't make me see them as weak or thrash

Also there is no God teir in op
You make wrong point. Mihawks is WSS and Shanks is swordsman. So that why Zoro is stronger than Shanks when he beat Mihawks. This simple logic by simple brute brain people. Not intelligent type people. No point arguing with them
Sanji still held his shoulder from Pain against Doffy, his clothes were messed up. TWO BIG DIFFERENCES
while here Sanji clothes BOTH (Raid Suit and the normal Suit) look fine, and he commented on Raid Suit instead of holding a body part of being injured....
If you really just want to dismiss those two difference because of your whim, it's fine, live your life
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Hmm,I can't agree with your statement that Sanji looks clear case he received less damage than from Doffy, case you remember how battle with Page 1 was going on? Sanji litteraly said that without taif suit he would be just knocked out with one strong Page 1 attack. And here he took Kings atack with no damage. So if you want to compare this battles with Doffy, you should remember that against Doffy Sanji didn't have the Raid Suit, actually he wasn't even knocked out. It's all because grest power of Raid Suit, that Sanji now became Tony Stark LOL. But it's true that Sanji received here less Damage than from Doffy, but that again only because of Raid Suit.
So in comparison you should call Page 1 attack>Doffy attack on Sanji, case Sanji wasn't knocked out.


Ray Barracuda
He was talking about their faction, they are in war. Maybe you should try reading comprehension.
Luffy will be the one to have the last blow on Kaido, this is 100% for certain.
Luffy's word supercedes anything Zoro says on the matter.
Kaido is a yonko, get that into your head, Kaido is in Luffy's way for the throne, not Zoro's.
This is a shonen, and Luffy is the MC, get real.
So according to you he was talking about thier fraction when Zoro's name droped Kaido twice when he says who they're going to defeat? Mhhhh OK bro.

Show me panels of when Zoro has ever done this to any other antagonists in the series. Whoops you can't.

Stop crying bro, he's taking part in the fight regardless of your feelings. And even if you were to exclude every parallel Zoro has with Oden and numerous hints in the manga as to why this will occur he would still be up there cus Luffy ain't soloing Kaido.
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