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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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I am really glad that the fucking bunny is missing from the double page pic of SHP :) phew!
Or else have to read the shytty posts of some Carrotards
Why is there so much hate for Carrot? She isn't bad as a character. Maybe not SH material, but not bad overral. I still would prefer her over Yamato in SH at this point, if one them is joining in the end.
But at least one of them mustn't be a clown. He's the MAIN antagonist in Wano. Imagine treating Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, Moria or Doflamingo like that. It's neither funny nor cool handling an antagonist like that, it's pure nonsense.
Nah it was obvious. Oda introduced this man as a loser which he embellished with a lot of smoke and mirrors fake hype.
The serious threat will be blackbeard and the navy and wg.
Tension has gone out the window when kiku hurt him.
You can like Big Mom all you want, this isn’t about who you should like or dislike.

This is about all the people who are clinging to Big Mom > the Admirals when Oda objectively has no intention of substantiating that idea. Her fans are going to double down even in the face of this extreme disrespect in comparison to the Admirals. At this point it’s about denying objective reality because people believe they look smarter for defending lunacy? Idefk anymore lol.

Like Big Mom all you want, nobody is stopping you. But every single chapter that passes, and it’s clear as day Oda has no intention of portraying her above the Admirals.
So at the end of the day it's all about power level.:kayneshrug:
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why did folks think she wasnt a joke in the first place.
It's because Oda did not introduce her as a joke. It's because she was known for her huge intels, whatsoever. Still remember how Oda portrayed Big Mom during her introduction? Menancing, powerful, gruesome - and now compare this with her current self.

Hell, even during the tea party, before Big Mom started screaming "WEDDING CAKE!!", Big Mom was much more impressive than now.
Sanji's scuffed cheek is from the drop, not the attack that attempted to break his stomach in half.

The Scabbards were not even attacked by anyone, and after falling on top of Kaido who stood between them and the ground, all of their heads were bleeding.

It's pretty funny that a Yonko FM claimed that he will kill Sanji with this attack, and a mark on the cheek that will be gone next chapter is all he has to show for it :fujilaugh:
True I dont know Why people Are looking into it That Much , Point is , He came out Just fine and thats an Insane Feat for the Raid Suit.
Must say At This Point ,I am starting To Think Raid suit is Hax OP , Moreover with Someone like sanji Who can use Haki and Geppo further increases the Prowess of the Combined
exercing his force to just stand up and that's u found huffing and puffing and if he is ok and will stand up without problem u won't find huffing and puffing also having difficulties to even say a complete sentence without difficulties LMAOO
Sorry To say But You're simply Making Shit Up On Your Own , Granted Your Bias For Zoro But this is just stupid
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