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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

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Imo it wouldn't have been a problem if the entire alliance has to defeat Kaido. And it is still highly likely that people will gang on Kaido to defeat him anyway. Why portraying him like a weakass coward now?
Cause he probably always has been. Remember he made oden dance for 5 years cause he didnt want him join hyou. Does that sound like a beserker battle monger wanting death that was introduced to us ?
Oda doesn't even care to portray her to be above admirals, its already a given she's above them, he's just writing the story as he see fit

see how strong the denial is
you admit oda doesnt care to portray her above the admirals
yet in the same setence , you say without a doubt she is above. lol delusion.

oda has been writing the story how he sees fit for a while bro. it only became a problem when you got sucked into this dream of yours.
write that yonko fanfic later
you will be much happier.
How is it proven if Oda never portrays her that way? Are you just reading the dialogue boxes and calling it a day or are you actually using your brain when you read this manga?

if you really had a functional brain you would know that these insignicant panels that are only used as gags doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things

BM important to the story and her strength can't be judged by such minor scenes, only when the true fights start we can actually judge her
Yamato's character just got ruined
Even Momo is creeped out, of course he is, it's been only a month for him since his dad died and this girl is disrespecting him by calling herself oden
As long as she doesn't join the SH, she can be as creepy as she wants. I find her hilarious tbh.

I just think it'd really bad if she stays delusional as she is now if she joined the SH.
Yamato's character just got ruined
Even Momo is creeped out, of course he is, it's been only a month for him since his dad died and this girl is disrespecting him by calling herself oden

Her portraying oden is not even funny anymore. When she first revealed herself , I admired her for idolizing oden but as the arc progresses it’s getting kind of annoying and creepy.
It is kinda sad, aside the powerlvl discussion, as One piece fan seeing how Oda handle Big mom, it kinda hurt to see how bad it became for Big mom and the shitty plot around her and the Bmps crew, you can easily see that Oda was clearly Overwhelmed to handle Big mom and her crew.

I mean Smoothie with the ship and crew wait for 1week and going in the same day where the raid is to climp the waterfall and get again a trashed threatment by Marco similar as King did? He clearly hold them back from the war for the alliance to have it easier.
That is kinda a bad writing, he could find a other better way to explain why the Big mom pirates need a longtime to get in Onigashima.

And now the same with Big mom, the trashy Amnesie shit and how he hold her back with kinda nerfing her soo hard.
I really don't wish to a any fandom to get this threatment for their favourite character, at this point even Sanji portrayal in nw is better xD.

A Admiral fan, Shichibukai fan, Mihawk fandom, to a single fandom, you should really hope to don't the same threament as Big mom and her fandom because it is kinda hard. The memes and joke aside this is really a big problem for One piece,it kinda ruin everything what Oda build up all the years and this kinda make it sad.

To see how Fans get disappointed(Jo,Buusatan and many other as Dirtylarry) so much that they lose their interest for One Piece because of the shitty tension. I kinda know that Oda work very hard and he working over 20Years, but I get the feeling that Oda didn't do a oblige with creating Big mom.

And im sure the shitstorm will be very hard when the chapter come out on sunday, it was already big 2weeks ago, where even Rogersbase kinda get rage how Oda threat Big mom, if he see the current chapter, im sure he gonna flip out soo much of angry.

With kinda this writing Oda lose his lovely fans and that is the sad thing. I come to a point where I just think"Can't Big mom get killed soon? Why Oda even bring her in first place, why he even created such a character?" Just look how disappointed are Jo_Ndule and other fans, this is really sad.
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