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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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Not talking about damage or injuries something like that. It humiliation diffrent sentiment. We can see WB thrash Akainu and BB in the end Akainu and BB not taking any damage much. Is WB weaker than????
Being humilated will just make her angrier, i have always said people are overhyping BM and Kaido too much just because of his "strognest creature" tittle when its just because he has the df of the most powerfull creature, a dragon. People saying he is "much stronger than he was when Oden beat him" only base it on their head cannon too, he is probably not stronger in the slightest since then.
is it hard to realize that big mom isnt written as the tyrant you think she is.
Shd killed people for food, destroying island and had a great plan to take over the Germa66, yes she act sometimes as a children but also she is known as a Yonkou/pirate for most intel in the new world. And the different start here when Big mom was portrayal good, the bad thing happen after the teaparty.

As I said she don't be need to beeing as Doffy, her potential was still really good and I enjoy her as character until the teaparty start, that was she moment when Big mom character get very damaged hard by Oda.

The yonkou who trash out the Germa and Luffy, she women who face Kaido 1on1, with a great intel became to use for joke gags...
What is pls good about this, are you telling me Oda handle the Big mom pirates well in Act 3?

She don't need a mastermind character, but she was a threat and you feel it at the teaparty, right now no one have a tension for her character to take her seriously. And that is the point where Oda fail.

I know, still we didn't say anything about her getting damaged, we speak for other points who are important.

You are the one who quote me, Im not here to search your post count. Simple answer me where my points are wrong.
it happens to Luffy every arc..even in next arc....
Luffy is in a weird limbo were the main antagonist might get nerfed against him yet he gets nerfed against weaker opponents.:kayneshrug: Idc, Luffy should have destroyed Apoo, Ulti and Page One after beating Katakuri and learning advanced COA plus future sight. He's aiming to defeat a fucking emperor ffs
Well i understand why some fans are upset but this is expected tbh very very expected Oda hyped the shit out of some character to the Point u will think how Luffy and Others will defeat them but now i think that Oda who was very happy with this Manga is Gone he just wanted to end this i think he wouldn't hate to finish it even in one year if he was given the choice to do this and because of this u will find inconsistencies and i think oda's fault is for hyping characters to the roof throughout the years but to end this he chose to clown them to make their defeat more or less realistic at least Admirals don't have this type of hype around them so u won't find some clowning or some shit like that even though i clowned big mom but tbh this war is trash compared to MF even doffy's fight is better than this and what i will say is u can expect an end like bleach and some inconsistencies
It still could be comedic even if it's seinen. I just whish there was consequences in One Piece. Like you'll really die if you screwed up or stabbed in the heart if you don't have regeneration.
Even if One Piece did become a seinen it doesn't mean things will suddenly be different, at the end of the day everything really depends on Oda.
Really seinen/shonen doesn't mean much. Shingeki no Kyojin is a shonen yet it is serious and dark as fuck with the protagonist
aiming for mass genocide
Dude Luffy never got best treatment after Katakuri fight...he was clowned again and again and again...and same goes for Bigmom...I never expected that someone below Katakuri level can give hard time for Luffy after Katakuri fight and enter Wano, from gifters to Kaido, everyone clowned Luffy and so far in the raid, Luffy never got any good portrayal against any character....Oda clowned both BigMom and Luffy in the whole wano arc..bit disappointment but it is what it is ...:kriwhat:
We know Luffy since 20years, we hype him for serious moments, for fight like against Katakuri and other big moments. We know Luffy improve as character, we know that Luffy character building is really good. And he isn't at his EoS form as Big mom is right now. Their are to massive plotholes when it come for the Big mom pirates and we kinda all know that.
You know what meant.
no I dont really,
oden fucked up wano for being to arrogant to accept help, pedro gave his live just to run away from big meme

Really seinen/shonen doesn't mean much. Shingeki no Kyojin is a shonen yet it is serious and dark as fuck with the protagonist
aiming for mass genocide
are you ready to defend eren's action from twitter mob tho?

I fucking am lol eren needs to win
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