Spoiler One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers Discussion

Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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Most of these are assumptions, they have not been stated in the manga.For example:sanji not being able to see his own body, the suit is not durable it's flexible.
And you said zoro need to train his armament haki to use enma, isn't that his own power and not the sword ?
At first glance the suit clearly gives more abilities to sanji, and i know that is true because of how much you have to assume to defend your case.Now if i strip everything down to only describing what does what, what do you think gives more to the user without needing much from them ?
Prove that Sanji can see his body in invisible mode then.
It is flexible, there is no assumption here. The suit is not an armor like Ironman’s , they are clothes. It adjust to Sanji’s body and Sanji can move freely with them, it’s not an armor like the one Luffy used in Thriller Bark, it’s a layer of textile.

Enma compel Zoro to train Haki , if not, he will lose his “reserve” of it in some slashes. Is his and Enma’s fault to boost his Armament. Without Enma he couldn’t increase his lvl so quick and easy in this short amount of time.

More abilities =/= more powerboost. Kakashi with his 1000 jutsus would be top1 in Naruto world otherwise.
Like I explained, Haki boost more the power and defense than Germa’s technology.
Zoro increase in power because of Enma > Sanji ‘s increase in power because suit and the same with defense. And Sanji got some other advantages, so both powerups are similar.
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