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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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While I appreciate your openness, I cannot accept that :specialmeh: I want Hawkins to be a leader and not a slave to the celestial dragons :zehaha:
Hawkins doesn’t have to serve the Celestial Dragons reach Admiral level. There have been Admiral level pirates in the series before (Roger, Whitebeard, Mihawk). Hawkins can reach strength far above the current Yonko and still be his own pirate lel.
Definitely in the alignment that:

- Onigashima is carrying Wano/did so from some impeding doom event from the Void Century

- The Ancient Giants are related to the WG National treasure, Oars has the same cross symbol as the stones in Im's frozen chamber

- We'll learn more about them at Elbaf, along with Loki, Yggdrasil (the giant tree), and Red Line representing Jorgumandr.

There's some big World related shit that Oda has been hinting at for years, and I think Wano and subsequently Elbaf will pay all that off. Not to mention King being an ancient, nearly extinct sky species and moon lore.
Wano being a mobile country in the past is also hinted by the fact that Toki was born somewhere outside of the current Wano. It would be cool if Zunisha and the giant carrying Wano were on friendly terms.

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This is so tone deaf, I’m not going to respond. If you don’t see why this is so aggravating to the average fan, I’m not the one to explain it to you. Powerscalers are not my peers, nor I theirs.
Who here isn't a powerscaler?! You just termed majority here as socially awkward people who sit behind their keyboard.

You are the one who is tone deaf. For all the animosity between the fandoms, they still have fun together. Who are you to moderate that?
Yeah free hit.
If Jinbei used haki, he would used his named guard since he knows Akainu is string yet he realised Akainu AP ain't special.

Chopper in fluffy mode blocked a Grab! It was never a named attack or serious attack. Next time read the Manga.

Either you believe Kaido, Luffy and Co are trash to not overpower Linlin or you can finally accept tjat Oda has to make Linlin look bad against weaker Strawhats for the sake of plot.

Nothing more.
Linlin is the only who can go from looking beastly against Kaido Luffy to clown against chopper nami
You have already lost stop it, it's getting pathetic.

Akainu to Jinbe: " Stop stalling Jinbe, it's futile. You're a former warlord, u should know exactly how strong i am!"

Jinbe: " If i can by a little time by sacrificing myself, I'll gladly do so..."

Both Akainu and Jinbe agreed that he's nothing more than dead meat whose only accomplishments will be winning seconds against Akainu.

The very same Jinbe stood up to Big mom's face and resisted soul pocus, blocked her named attack in which she used 2/3 of her strongest homies then sending her ass flying. Now he confronts her again.

Akainu damaged Jinbe more with a no named base punch.

Don't compare them anymore, it's becoming sad
If it was in my power, I would enjoy BM in character ranking to be first, just to piss off the author. You just make jokes, we make jokes too(Oda is a luffy fangay so he loves seeing him in spotlight).

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Who here isn't a powerscaler?! You just termed majority here as socially awkward people who sit behind their keyboard.

You are the one who is tone deaf. For all the animosity between the fandoms, they still have fun together. Who are you to moderate that?
Most people here aren’t powerscalers, dude. You hear the Boys in the Battledome because they scream the loudest and most often; the rest of us chat idly and without constantly insulting each other.

Also, is this fun?? Is your life or anyone’s else made measurably better by coming here all day, EVERY day, just to spout the same bullshit at the same morons?? How does that bring anyone joy??


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Children, actual adolescents, are still malleable enough to accept new information and change their minds, and innocent enough to realize they could be wrong, so I’m inclined to agree with all of this.

Guarantee you most of them have me on ignore, which I guess is something I need to do in turn...these spoiler threads are about to have three posts per page for me 🙄

He is, and so is Sanji. A thousand other characters like both in a thousand other mangas. If a fellow Zoro fan is telling you this, it’s for a very good reason.

Y’all need to tell your powerscaling buddies who’ve dedicated their lives to annoying the shit out of regular OP fans to chill and not worry about me. My posts are reactionary, in response to a stimulus. You blame the source of that stimulus, not the people reacting to it.
Theres nothing wrong with powerscaling imo. Everyone latches onto something in the story and power scalers just happen to like talking about powers etc. Also, there are spaces where people who hate power scaling can co-exist and no one forces anyone to read anything. IF theres a post I don't like or a poster I consider problematic, I usually just skip past their post.

I honestly find the whole S vs Z or A v Y, Shanks vs Mihawk debate funny and entertaining to rad/watch for the exact same absurd reasons you point it. It's a futile task but it's entertaining to watch people passionate about these things toil away even if they're not getting anywhere.
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