Spoiler One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers Discussion

Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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Sanji is the most durable straw hat so far??

luffy faint from one explosion from apoop
Zoro faint from one stab from nerf killer
Sanji get leg broken still didn’t faint
Sanji got 5 colored string still didn’t faint
Sanji got knocked through 10 bulidings by hybrid ancient zoan still didn’t faint
Sanji got tail whipped by ancient zoan still didn’t faint
Sanji got diving speared by a flying zoan at light speed still didn’t faint
Sanjis durability is really high however you can’t compare those other two. Zoro and Luffy are always pushed to the brink of death, yet they survive and push their limits farther


World's Strongest Swordsman
If Sanji is damaged, it's justified because King used the opportunity when Sanji threw Momonosuke.

If Sanji is uninjured, it hypes Sanji even more because even with sneak attack and full zoan form King still cannot injure Sanji.

Nonetheless it's win win situation for Sanji. :kayneshrug::funky:
No king already had sanji before he threw momo.
All this is without his sword.


If Sanji (whose durability is below his brothers) tanked that zoan attack then King cant indeed low/no diff vets and low high tiers, he can only beat Sanji (mid high tier) high diff if he goes hybrid

These ancient Zoans have been failing to damage Sanji seriously
Zoan Drake can merely bruise base sanji
P1 failed to bruise base or RS sanji
Now Zoan King... Failed too?
Anime only showed logical developments, there is no spoilers in those openings.
The same was with Denjiro, they made a pair of people in each frame and ofc in those images would appear important characters, Denjiro was a important character for what we saw until the reveal of his identity, so animators put him there and that's all.

You don't need to be Nostradamaus to guess a possible scene with all Strawhats, the damn main characters of the story, against the main villains of the arc, ohhhh, magic!!!!
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