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Drake is finally back with Hawkins.

Who's Who or Queen wanna kill Drake which will force him to become an ally

Also didn't the 2009 ( or whenever that came out ) spoiler say that Luffy would die in his fight with Kaidou?
Maybe that happens and then Marco does something with his flames as Oda hinted in an sbs that his "flame of rebirth" will be relevant in the future.
1% survival rate

My suspects

1) Luffy (most obvious)
2) Jack (poor boy can't catch a break)
3) BigMom (Jack of Yonkos)
4) Who's who
5) Queen
6) Momo (slight chance because Hawkins said man instead of boy)

Hawkins/Oda is such a dick teaser...why can't they just say name....:josad:

break should catch a break....:josad::josad::kriwhat:
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