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Will Oda lend us our beautiful Grandmaster? :smithnie:

I often happen to ask this question for how excited to see him around again
Why now though? It seemed like according to the pace of the story, we were focusing on The straw hats making a path for luff and Zoro getting to Kaido.

But nope. Psych. That was just a background plot and now drake and company ate the focus. And now it's established that the main plot is Who's eho and Queen trying to kill Drake.

In Chapter 991 Nope, That's not the main plot either. We'll cut away from drake and all that and go to Marco and prospero and their plot will be introduced.

In chapter 992 Nope, they also aren't the main plot, we'll cut to Yamato vs Ulti.

See the problem.

And what makes it worse is that they'll be a bunch of off screening whenever we return to each of these plots.

There needs to be more clear objectives for this story. A bunch of shut can happen in the background but there must be one central focus that begins and ends ON SCREEN
Because this is what Oda has done since the beginning of this manga, just on a vastly smaller scale because arcs did not contain 60 named characters that all required a full story to them. Marineford was an exception because the whole thing was a tease for the future, he only needed to tell Ace, Whitebeard and Luffy's stories fully.

You also don't know how the beginning of the chapter starts. We go through this every week. Chances are the opening pages are about the strawhats beginning to push forward before it switches perspectives.

And there hasn't really been offscreening during the raid, save for Kiku vs. Kanjuro (to which I don't even believe Kanjuro is dead, nor Orochi). Comparing some of things Oda did before the battles in Act 2 to now is entirely different.

Just wait, we will get Kaido/Jack vs Scabbards and Minks, especially because Inu/Neko haven't transformed yet, especially because Jack hasn't went Hybrid. Especially because we know the Sulong transformation have to end at some point and make thing dire.


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Only a fool will accept be patient when the arc is already over 80 chapters

Wano arc is a mess, Oda is failing to deliver.

All of these are results of Second half of WCI where he extended the arc cause he wanted to be unpredictable and overdo it.
Well if not the final fights will be spectacular

But this arc failed under many points of view
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Oda was saying the final arc will make Marineford look like nothing. Not Wano
I remember that

Every real fan should :P
Yep fans seem to think that less characters in a chapter = boring, when a chapter like this where it focuses more on one angle may be better written and more interesting. Depends what happens and what's being said
Thanks us extremely disingenuous as fuck

Last chapter was the straw hats STYLING on people and people loved it.

A full chapter centered on just the strawhats assembling was very well recieved.

Are you comparing that to Drama about to bi roppo infighting?

Are people supposed to enjoy the tobi roppo fighting amongst themselves MORE than the fuckin main characters tossing around a yonkou?

It's not about "many characters" it's about WHO THE CHARACTERS ARE. Who gives a shit that Hawkins is reading his cards? We were just on the strawhats getting ready to go ham. Why should we care about Hawkins more?
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