Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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From mr 106.101
-Who's Who hates Jack because the pirates were destroyed by Jack.
-Queen knows Drake is a spy.
-Hawkins is still unemployed, but plans to betray after divination.
-Big Mom and Ferros Ferro meet.
-Ferros Ferro opens the book, and Big Mom's army appears in the book, including Queen Mama Chante.
-Marco is shot down.
Pls let this be true...
Bro it seems like either of us get disappointed, if the spoiler are true it is you and if not it is me.
LMAO, you disappeared for the last spoiler chapters, now you're out here full force for payback huh?

We'll take the challenge
cause Big Mom and Kaido were on 1% power for sake of plot

I said it before and I said it again if I see full power version of them fail me ... I leave them "so fast" and take my L

but 100% version of them not "let's play with them so fans thinks war is in Luffy's favor before we fuck them" version
Not open for further replies.