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Kaido D. Stronger

[QUOTE = "MarineHQ62, post: 690197, member: 270"] Os Duques da Base não são de nível de comandante. Eles são de nível superior de veterinário na melhor das hipóteses. Eles não podiam lutar contra Jack sem descanso, que ele mesmo lutou por 5 dias seguidos. [/ QUOTE]
That's if Jack dominated Inu or Neko 1 v 1 which he didn't

Base/zoan Jack was matched by base Dukes 1 v 1

Sulong duke vs hybrid Jack should be high/extreme diff for Jack

Sulong Dukes vs Hybrid Jack, Jack will lose mid diff.
Not forgetting Ashura >= Base Jack

Either Oda doesn't remember his own PL he did at Zou or he just doesn't care and made Sulong Dukes seem weaker than base Dukes.
Ashura = Inuarashi base, said by the carrot. :endthis:

Hybrid jack mod> Ashura, possibly. :goyea:
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