Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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Jack destroyed many minks...now facking sulong Neko and Inu.....Jack has done more work and more competent than other calamities...

In strength it may be King > Queen > Jack, but in terms of competence Jack >> Queen > King

Another interesting detail is Jack is acting like right hand to Kaido right from his introduction and he is the one who went with Kaido to the top of dome instead of his "second in command" King....:steef:.....as much as I troll him, I also like him


I feel the opposite:
Jack get beat down>strike back with hybird> then the Sulongs still has slighry the upperhand>Jack use awakening and smack the Minks>Luffy arrive and we actually get Luffy vs Jack similar as Luffy vs Blueno.

Before we also get Luffy+Drake vs Queen and WsW. Pageone,Ulti, Sasaki and Black Maria join the war too.

In the fact that the strawhats has in the war the upperhand, Kaido crew need a comeback. Probably we see now all headliners with the Gifters fighting together.
Jack isn't beating Sulong Dukes.
Not this Jack who's already damaged

Also, zoan Awakening doesn't need to be activated like Paramecia.
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