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Overall this must be a great chapter for you right?
It take long but finally Jack deserve his hype, I read comments where people though he would get done already by the Mink sulong army.
Im sure Oda hold up his power for the right point, Jack vs Sulong Inu and Neko going be insane, im sure Jack has a trumpcard alongside with his hybrid(my favour is still awakening ala monster point Chopper, if Jack has it, it would also hype the other two calamity and Kaido and also probably the strongest flyer(WsW and possible xDrake?).

For next chapter we already have a big battle and other clashes:
Jack vs Sulong Inu and Neko
Boundman Luffy+xDrake vs Queen+WsW
Zoro and the other strawhats vs King and the other flyers+Numbers+Gifters
Just wanna say this was one of the best chapters, maybe the best one since the raid started. Had a lot of story progression. X-Drake knows Beast pieates weakness and everything about Onigashima, and I also think he is going to die, either sacrifice himself or die a brave death to show how brutal the YC are.

The only reason Luffy used G4 this chapter was for that epic panel in the end of Kong Gun and X calibur, not thag I complain about it. Just wish we had 2-3 extra pages with the huge amount of breaks going on, the anime is suffering because of the lack of content, the latest episode had like 4 mins of actual material to work with and are filling in with boring albeit good animation right now.

I don't like how Oda is sidelining Sanji, in older times he would have kicked the club into pieces, is Jimbe really necessary just to catch that??

As it looks like SH vs F6 is more likely, I just hope that Sanji wont be grouped with the rest of them to fight F6 wjile Jimbe and Zoro get bigger responsibilities. At least put Jimbe and Sanji together in few fights, Oda is making it look like Franky is closer to Sanji than Sanji to Jimbe and most likely Zoro. He still has his speciality but it looks like he is being forced into a niche of covert operation that was supposed to be Robin's skill.

A bit disappointed that Kaido is just, like yk, lying still in that Dragon form. If he really wants to chill while his underlings struggle at least he should go to normal and drink a glass or two lol

It was weird that Black.M was offscreened for so long only to come back like this, I thought she would come in another direction to corner Yamato-Momo-Shinobu with Ulti. Well there is still time for that. Also annoying how Yamato was reduced to a bodyguard hopefully she does something interesting or we see interactions in that group at least. Seriously why can't Oda make 2 or 3 extra pages of interactions at least to discuss strategies like its supposed to be a war. Do we have a proper map of the interior of Onigashima and how the soldiers and everyone are lined up? Marineford had a clear view of what was happening all around the island.

Guess its gonna be another 5 chapters before B.M comes back, she is so slow, Otoko took an hour to reach flower capital from Ringo while she took days to reach Udon wtf I'm still pissed about that.

Hope at least 2 of Hawkins, WsW, Queen and King chase down X Drake and meet Luffy and co down the stage or something interesting comes out of Drake. Hawkins turning his side would be awful at this point, if he does I don't think SH will accept him or at least Kid won't for giving up so easily on their alliance.

On that note can't Kid like use his power and take all the enemies' weapons lol??
Law also can transport Luffy to the roof easily. Oda-wise I don't think it'll happen, it will probably be Sanji and Marco who will clear the final path upwards by holding off the flying fighters.

On that note wtf Marco and Pero are taking even longer than Kanjuro to get into the action. If B.M.P really take the whole war to come to Onigashima I'll be pretty dumbfounded.

Coby coming in clutch is nice. Sasaki and Kyoshiro being close was a nice asspull plotwise from Oda to make sense of that whole situation, since its more or less confirmed all F6 are dinos it makes sense if and lnly if he was chained in kairoseki but we will never know that info. Here is my problem with that -

If it was kairoseki, can Big Meme's attack really break Sasaki free?

If it wasn't Kairoseki, is Sasaki a weakling, not able to get out of normal cuffs like that, also it would be dumb move to not use kairoseki on a Dino Zoan user.

I'm a little disappointed with the Minks getting offscreened, hoped to see a good battle worth 4-5 pages at the very least.

Is there a secret to Orochi's complete resurrection? Or is Fukurokujo just running away. I hope Orochi stays dead the bastard, or revives on his own in a badass way. But what would be the point? His death showed Kaido's will and how ruthless he was.
Bold opinion:
Radical Beam > G3 in term of AP:kayneshrug:
No Oda is just inconsistent at power scaling, and for narrative reasons wants Luffy to be using G4 when grouped with other supernova, the laser wouldn't take down Page One and certainly not Noah.
Using Oars at a crew level threat benchmark when a no diff hakified jet pistol took down the crew level threat Pacifista.
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