Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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Alright thanks guys I think I understand now.

106.101 is an IP address that can be used by multiple users if they have different handles.

The fakes were posted by someone using the same address.

Its a shame, not because want Smoothie to cut down Marco (which, guys, doesn't even matter because his powers are OP), but the prime fact that the BMP would have joined the war and the competence of BMs crew could have been upped.

I'll still hold out some hope for at least them appearing. It seems spoilers literally see based on like 2 extremely small scenes (WW/Queen wanting to kill Drake, Hawkins and Drake talking about someone barely surviving the night) so there should be a ton more happening in the chapter.


@t d a

Please... You also called spoilers fake, doubting them in the past alongside Redon YP etc...
Which turned out to be real

Keep defending these dudes like they don't make mistakes.
Can you tell me why those fake spoilers, from the same handle, were fake then? But these new ones are true? Different users? Confused from the difference here
it was not the same handle, but the same IP adress, which is why many people believed it.

The new ones are true because they were updated by the same person who posted the very first spoilers (that got verified by redon)
My confusion is why Lebrent sourced spoilers from the same provider, but one set were fake while the others were true.

Different IP but same handle? Confused by that one.
@djiayebee explained this before a long time ago basically on DC inside, anyone can post under the same ID handle which is why we've had fake early spoilers posted before. Obviously @Lebrent probably isn't used to using a foreign Korean site and probably just saw the handle and assumed it was the same person
Not open for further replies.