Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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"My Times They Are Not-Changin":-
Can you tell me why those fake spoilers, from the same handle, were fake then? But these new ones are true? Different users? Confused from the difference here
This explanation from Dij
coz of that site's identification method, unlike WG or other forums they dont require to create an account with email address. To post there, you only need to type a nickname, which does NOT have to be unique (and most users there dont care or want to stay anonymous so MANY of them just use something random like ㅇㅇ). Then automatically part of your IP address will be shown next to the nickname....

So technically there could be thousands of users with seemingly similar id "ㅇㅇ(106.101)". Luckily, now the real spo provider guy is always posting some links to his previous posts to prove he is the right one


Then literally nothing happens at this chapter? No monster trio? No minks vs Jack/Kaido? Even after the strawhats assembled last chapter?:josad:
Kaido vs retainers? ...Offpanel
Strawhats assemble?... Offpanel
WhoWho Drake being unseen then pop up with Oda trying to make whowho and Drake being bitter rivals
I saw those fake BMP spoilers, it‘s not a surprise that they were fake. We have gotten fake BMP spoilers in the past, also last time we saw Perospero and Marco they weren’t even fighting and both of them were entering Onigashima together.
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