Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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Unconfirmed spoilers from NF
Who's Who hates Jack because the pirates were destroyed by Jack.
-Queen knows Drake is a spy.
-Hawkins is still unemployed, but plans to betray after divination.
-Big Mom and PerosPero meet.
-PerosPero opens the book, and Big Mom's army, including Queen Mama Chanteho, appears in the book.
-Marco is shot down by Smoothie
Fake bro
This can’t be the whole spoilers I think. And are there people salty bout zoro not facing queen?? Lmfaoooooo cmon now they were never good matchups for each other to begin with noted with the fact zoro did not care about queen last chapter LOL
exactly i think it was more about bragging rights zoro potentially facing weaker opponent than sanji that was always unlikely imo
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