Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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60 pages on Who’s Who and Queen both wanting to kill Drake?? That’s pretty good!! You guys are learning how to control yourselves a little better!! :cheers:

Anyway, someone tag me when we get Pound’s story!! I’m gonna go scream into my pillow about already staring down the barrel of a break week the Monday BEFORE it actually happens :catcry:catded
You missed the real reason why there are so many pages already.
Kata didn't even appear before WCI so him being irrelevant means nothing much

Marco and Pero arrival :people just say ah
Jinbei next to Strawhats : everyone way shocked
Not forgetting before the raid started, Kidd and Law were hyped to see him

Jinbei has been given better portrayal than Marco
Kuri was irrelevant to the point he got ignored and didn't come to the war that will make marineford Cute as Oda said :suresure:
Who's Who and X-Drake's feud does come out of nowhere indeed given the complete lack of interactions between them during the two chapters that properly introduced the Flying Six.
Right?? WW entirely seemed competitive/happy when discussing fighting the Calamities, not the F6.

Idk, I need to understand why WW is targeting Drake when his sole goal before was capturing Yamato to become an All-Star
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