Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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-PerosPero opens the book, and Big Mom's army, including Queen Mama Chanteho, appears in the book.
-Marco is shot down by Smoothie
BM fans when get this spoiler is like they get the feel when finally reaching the top of a waterfall after really hard effort and think the wait is done.

Then all of sudden Blue Chicken Marco come and kick their ship and sayin....FAKE NEWS..... and they start to falling again....:josad:

Uncle Van

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Yep that waterfall issue is real BS.
It just creates more narrative dissonance. It never made sense that the BMP couldnt make it up the waterfall cause of King in the first place.....Daifuku has a giant floating genie.....Oven can set things on fire by looking at them.....Pero has range for days....Smoothie has air slashes.....Galette can create binding butter from a distance and not the mention just having dozens of guns.....


I dont think current BB an his crew is necessarily > an alliance
end of wano luffy, kid, law, zoro, ,sanji, jinbei , killer etc
along with the scabbards
and the minks . which is exactly what kaido falls to. so again, red hair pirates arent special. just reserved for someone else. prob offscreened as well.
Wasn't Whitebeard Pirates got offscreened by Blackbeard Pirates the weakest yonko?

And Blackbeard Pirates ran away from Akainu who sweated in front of Shanks?
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