Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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I dont think any yonko crew is more special than the other storywise
am sure at this point
BBP wont run either. much stronger than they were 2 yrs ago
and will def surpass red hair pirates. wb challenged mf hq as well. again
not special.
Shanks clashed with healthy WB whose CoO made him able to overthrow Ace out of his room.

Benn Beckman is compared to Shanks in VC and Benn is the strongest YC1.

We haven't seen Lucky Roo and Yasopp full power but based on Brannew Red Hair Pirates are the most balanced so his yonko commanders might be stronger than other yonko crews.

Blackbeard Pirates might be stronger but that doesn't change the fact that they ran away from Akainu who did poor against sicj WB.
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