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Nami and Usopp vs Pageone and Ulti is practically confirmed, Oda is even taking them on an appropriate battlefield outside that turmoil lol.

Franky vs Sasaki is also about to be confirmed, since Franky is pulling the number out (at Jinbe's request), and that's where Sasaki is.

@Esc I was right :steef::steef:

My only doubt is about Zoro and Sanji vs King and Queen, from the way Oda is building, Sanji vs King and Zoro vs Queen seems more likely than the other way around
"Injured Kaido's mouth" :suresure::suresure:

I told you guys Kinemon would push Jack to high diff. This dude got neg diffed by Law.

Calamities are straight up trash.
Jack take over 100 Sulong Minks alone, probably even 200 and still has the power to fight Sulong Inu and Neko. Yet get praised by Kaido, don't call him weak not like he did with Doffy, no he said Jack recover and most like fight back later.

Jack hypetrain>>>Anything what Doffy did.
Kaido praise Jack even after he lose>Call Minks sulong monsters>Call Doffy weakling.

Take the L after you and your friends said that Jack just defeat 8 Sulong Minks:suresure:
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