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Zoro was huffing and puffing and bleeding from an unnamed gravity crush attack. I know fuji more than you, i stan him. Stop capping.
What does unnamed attack has to do with anything? Are all of Zoro's unnamed attacks stronger than named attacks?
Zoro overpowered that attack while attack with similar power was able to put Luffy out of commission?

And huffing and puffing is an issue? Fuji was huffing and puffing talking to Akainu on call lmao. Stop capping
then 10 ppl quoted me, making passive aggressive remarks
I made no passive aggressive remarks.

I made very aggressive remarks

My remarks are that you are biased and don't understand the story at all and are just blowing air because you can.

Nothing you are complaining about isn't either foreshadowed or within the rules of the universe

You are directly advocating for the story to be badly written. You want the yonkou for some reason to be immune to the rules of the universe they are in.

Shame on you
still waiting for one of you to explain why kinemon didnt jump in between oden vs dragon kaido’s duel, and slice his boro breath and proceed to stab him

10 ppl struggling to come up with one answer is very embarrassing
ignorance is bliss isn't it...someone already answered your question and what can I do if you pretend you didn't see it...

the embarassing thing is you didn't bother to read...9 scabbards + Oden vs Kaido forces +orochi forces not just Kaido vs Oden...I hope atleast bother to read/see/understand this time...if this 'one answer" can't help you understand simple logic, well only god can help you...:kayneshrug:

Kaido D. Stronger

They will not lose due to time out, Kaido will finish them, we already know they are one shot material to him anyway

Yes they will damage him, due to his Zoan form being useless, but I think Kaido will defeat them and the SN anyway , Kaido is not losing here
His warm breath does not make him even sober according to hawkins.
There were 10 people on Odens side, and at least a 1000 on Kaido's side. You'd think Kinemon might have had his hands full just a tad.
weak reasoning, kaido has even more people on his side and kinemon’s allies are preventing kinemon from being occupied. If thr scabbards wanted to let kaido and kinemon have a 1v1 then they would have arranged it. Heck, oden and kinemon could just switch places
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