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Jinbe vs Jack confirmed?

I don’t get why people are making a huge powerscaling issue out of Kin’emon cutting Borobreath. It was so obvious from the start that Kin’emon would do that and it would be his shining moment. Do people really think that Oda gave Kin the unique ability to cut fire for no reason? It’s like shitting on Enel because Luffy’s rubber nullified his attacks
I rather want him to face the dukes again, but yeah, at this point your matchup is on.
>Usopp goes against Luffy's decision
>Zolo says Usopp is bad

>Luffy says ok to Drake
>Zolo goes against Luffy's decision

... wut?
> Usopp goes against Luffy's decision, then leaves the crew and challenges him in a fight, betraying crew;
> Drake, an enemy, one of Tobi Roppo, who burned Tama's village, jumps outta nowhere then demands an alliance.

What should Zoro say here? "Okay, doesn't matter if he is one of the main headliners of enemy's crew, let him join, yeah."
It is normal for Zoro to oppose as he opposed Nami and Robin joining the crew is nothing special.....but the question is why did Luffy accept Drake without any reason?
If that was Luffy's first response without not knowing his name, then it is justified since he wouldn't that he was the one who destroyed Tama's village.
Otherwise Luffy has been shown to be pretty casual when accepting such proposals
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