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One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers thanks to Korean Leaks and Himiko

- The nine scabbards fight against Kaido
- Kaido uses lightning technique, which was countered by Okiku with snow technique.
- Izo shoots Kaido
- Black Maria reveals
- There is no break next week
Can we kick Yonkos out of the Top Tiers ?:choppawhat:

At this point theres no reediming them if this is true. No wonder Black Beard wanted to be an Admiral.
Finally a fight chapter with no offscreen, wait for long and now we get the view for the true power of the red scabbards, Oda hold them long enough, of course they gonna get rekt soon by Kaido but until then they get more hype. I still wonder if also Inu and Neko get some hype in this chapter after the last one.
Me too. I'm glad Oda isnt offscreening this. I had a feeling he did Jack this way because he plans on using Jack for something else.
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