One Piece Chapter 994: "My other name is Yamato" [Break Week]

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One Piece - Chapter 994
Title: Also Known As Yamato

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I also liked Queen cruelty he likes to play games and entertain us too so Zoro wont go to Kaido and will get the antidote
Luffy really is going to face Kaido alone it seems like Big Mom wont interfere because Marco will keep her occupied

Luffy always needs three attempts or clashes to take out his main enemy regularly since Crocodile though
Lucci and Doffy were short three if you can call clash
Kata had three clashes
Doffy had also three clashes
Kaido also will have 3 or 4 clashes it seems like Kaido wont go down this arc !
Queen is trolling hard :suresure: Dude just put Apoo in danger and he is laughing ! I hope Queen did a Crocodile's move (gave the fake one to apoo and kept the real one).

Kaido back to his base mode, it's gonna be next level now!

Oda found a way to remove Zoro from the place. I won't be surprised if Apoo and Zoro reach where yamato and sasaki are fighting.

And lol Oda always trolling :

Kaido looks real badass in this chapter. It's clear that despite the injuries that they managed to inflict on him the Scabbards were and will be unable of forcing him to use his true power.

Queen shows how cruel and careless he is towards his subordinates by letting them be infected by his Ice Demon virus without having given them any semblance of warning or cure to immune them, and by giving the antidote to Apoo so he will be chased by the others Supernovas and their allies. I guess that Oda wanted to give Apoo a reason to betray Queen and Kaido later and to give an antidote for the Alliance but it's far from being in a very well written way.

It would be good if the antidote is in fact a fake because Oda is overusing PIS with the Beast Pirates so far.
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