One Piece Chapter 994: "My other name is Yamato" [Break Week]

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I'd say HxH is better in story progression and combat skills (if it wasn't for the utterly ridiculous hiatus) but OP is clearly far better in terms of art style.

I mean, how can you truly enjoy reading a manga in which you know you'll read 3 - 5 chapters in a year at maximum? Knowing that you are most likely already dead if the manga ends?
I don’t even read beserk but it is another series compared to HxH in terms of hiatuses so let’s compare the art

Now HxH

Togashi should just writing novels
and this isn’t even mentioning the latest beser chapter came out 2 months ago while the latest HxH chapter came out in 2018.

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Mid Piece :cheers:
I'd say HxH is better in story progression and combat skills (if it wasn't for the utterly ridiculous hiatus) but OP is clearly far better in terms of art style.

I mean, how can you truly enjoy reading a manga in which you know you'll read 3 - 5 chapters in a year at maximum? Knowing that you are most likely already dead if the manga ends?
I mean Togashi's art style is kinda good imo.

And let's not forget that Togashi stated himself that he had a lot of stress from Yu Yu Hakusho so hence why his art style is full of scribble in HxH.
No Oda doesnt stretch simple things in speeching Togashi lets simple things look complex and people think thats complex thats your fault because you dont know what complex is

No its not complex if HxH is something then its simple but stretched its like you hit me once you explain the entire chapter how you hit me you explain how a signal goes to your brain then the brain sends a signal to the arm to move then the arm starts to move stretches back and then pushes forward to hit my cheek
you hit my cheek whats better Togashi is not complex togashi is simple and boring

Oda at least has an adventure to tell HxH ????
It doesnt even has a purpose anymore One Piece is far more complex especially its shows todays political situation HxH just changes sentence

in some pages Togashi didnt draw but just wrote
Sorry, but that's just massive bullshit.

OP is just objectively worse compared to HxH in every single category outside of worldbuilding and consistent artstyle.

That's not a knock on OP (I love OP and wouldn't be here, if I didn't), it's just a fact.

OP isn't even deep. It's just as cliché as almost all other mangas/animes. Even freakin Ecchi mangas/animes have themes like racism, rich vs poor, high class vs lower class etc.

Not that HxH is a literature masterwork with thousands of layers either, but its writing is in fact far more nuanced than OP writing.

Just look at the arc structures. That alone should be more than enough to understand it.

With one piece every single arc follows the exact same pattern.

Oda thinks of one overlaying theme (racism etc.), slaps it on the arc and then it goes like:
1) SH reach a new island.
2) They have an adventure and meet the local hero, most of the time a young female.
3) They learn about the problems of said heroine and what's wrong on the island.
4) They clash with the villains for the first time.
5) SHs either lose or the fight gets broken up/suspended.
6) Tragic flashback of the heroine incoming.
7) SHs vs villains round 2, SHs win
8) Banquet and departure to the next island.

Literally every single major OP arc has been that way. HxH is way more unpredictable and diverse here.

As for your "simple and boring HxH explanations": I understand when someone doesn't like that style of writing. However, one can't deny that at least everything makes perfect sense in Togashi's universe. I prefer such detailed explanations over the countless plot conveniences and inconsistencies we get in OP any day of the week (and no, those aren't just conveniences because "the reader has to interpret it on their own").
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Today'a political situation is a Princess in distress every arc ? Today's political situation is Luffy fight fodder day and night ? Today's political situation is everyone having Luffy's dick in their mouth ?

HxH has no purpose ? So the Dark Continent arc has no purpose ? Lol
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If Togashi wrote One Piece then Kaido wouldnt be in Dragon form like a retard. And wouldnt underestimate the scarbbards at all.
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People love to hate on HxH due to the excessive dialouge....but Id take that all day then stupid idiotic shit that happens in OP.

- Croc stopping using his DF mid fight
- Katakuri stop using his DF intangibility
- Kaido staying in Dragon form all day
- Meme constantly being embrassed

The amount of character inconsistencies, reused plotlines, off-panelled moments, and stupid gags destroying the fake tension in OP. And yall are crying about excessive dialouge lmao.
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Lets not ignore complexity for now. Togashi at the very least can write a coherent plotline that can satisfy fans...

As for complexity, the current arc has various groups with their own subplots and Togashi is balancing it all amazingly.

- Phantom Troupe
- Princes
- Bodyguards
- Mafia
- Hisoka
- Zodiacs
- Beyond

Whilst Oda cant do shit without having to off-panel everything.

So when we talk about complexity, it isnt the dialouge were only talking about. But also the plot, and the elements and story were keep on being given.

Ok rant finished.
A bit aggressively written, but it's basically all true.

Warchief Sanji D Goat

Man, One Piss fans is insecure as always
First they shits on Fairy Tail for being a "OP rip-off" and then they shits on HxH just because they're jealous of Togashi's greatness and using the hiatus as an excuse. Imagine if Leiichiro Lolda take a hiatus LMAO:gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
I really don't get this entire stall plot of Luffy & Co. trying to reach the top.

Luffy could literally just activate G4, fly up there and smash through the fodder in the air in like 3 seconds. Heck, even Sanji could use moonwalk and assist him.

Him needing to "conserve" his energy isn't even an argument, since he already used G4 for some fodder earlier on Onigashima. Those few seconds would make no difference and he could be face to face with Kaido in a matter of moments.

That alone is some massive PIS stuff.

To make matters worse, even if we accept that kind of writing, they still have Jinbei with them. This dude just casually smashed through a whole floor in order to climb up to Luffy & Sanji. Yet now he suddenly forgot about the fact that he could do that with basically every floor (-> easy way up for them) and they're all running around like headless chicken instead.

It's just really so frustrating to see such writing ...
Hope that the next chapter Kid and his goons get a little spotlight against some gifters or headliners.It a shame that Oda forgot about them, they are also part of the assault.Law and his trio are probably planning something behind the scene and will strike later on.
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I think Yamato stays in Wano to protect Momo and Wano. They need Yamato to protect Wano from this great power (most likely the world government). The borders of wano were closed because of this great power.
That sounds what you want, not what Yamato wants. Granted she will die for Momo, but that's because as she is now, she isn't free and wants to defeat her father... Once that's done, she'll have nothing tying her down.
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