Best nakama for the Strawhats

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Lol, we will see. Thinking zoro will have all the time for apoo and coming back to fight queen when luffy sanji jimbei will reach the next floors without meeting Queen is madness. And by the way even if zoro comes back for chopper, nothing suggest he will fight Queen after that, he doesn't care about Queen.
Sanji vs Queen is coming:milaugh:
My sweet summer child at it again :hihihi:
Lol the headcannon xDD.
Jinbe is acting as bodyguard for Sanji. He was escorting weaker characters so the weaker characters can survive because the weak are still his allies.
Like Luffy with Vivi in Alabasta.
Like Marco with Luffy in Marineford.
Like Robin and Kyros to Rebecca in Dressrosa.

Stronger characters protecting weaker crybabies are nothing new, has happened before, and is now happening again.
Aish, these Zoroliebers are beyond redemption xDD.
Sure bro, believe in yourself!
Why did Kaido wait until Old/sick WB was distracted with the War ?
The Strongest creature should've been able to take down WB in no time, i wonder what got in the way ?

Factually Kaido never even came close of defeating sickbeard, hell, going by his introduction he probably tried and had his ass beat.
Kaido killed his brother what did WB do? Not a damn thing. You can speak that family shit when against Marines but not other Yonko.

We know from the ace novel that Kaido is stronger than Oldbeard.
Ok I think you need a break.
Zoro is going after Apoo, he needs to catch, fights, defeat apoo and bring the antidote to chopper. So no there is 0% for zoro vs queen actually. But at the same time Luffy, sanji and jimbei are in the 1st floor and have to meet queen in the next one. So tell me now how sanji vs queen is not gonna happen? With his recent jealousy towards jimbei and gags for being unknown, he will probably tell to jimbei and luffy that "i will take queen whatever it costs for my honor " lol!
Again headcannon. Sanji wants to take Luffy to Kaido. And Sanji knows taking Luffy to Kaido is a even better feat than Queen. Plus Jinbe is the one who said hes gonna back them up. So he will stay behind ti let them both progress.

And whos to say Queen even chases them when hes after Drake.

I need a break lol ? You getting your feelings hurt ?
Manga Schedule for the upcoming days (unofficial)
- Chapter 995 November 13
- Chapter 996 November 20
- Chapter 997 November 27
- Chapter 998 December 4
- Chapter 999 December 11
- Chapter 1000 December 18th
- Break week because of the magazine
- Chapter 1001 January 1 (most likely)
- Break week because of the magazine

From @ScotchInformer
Am I seeing wrong or that means we will have 6 chapters continuously without a break?
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