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Queen is basing his analysis on elements that are quite reliable in the One Piece world. Usually bounties of pirates in the same crew are related to strength, the strawhats are an exception, they are not real pirates. Btw Sanji and Zoro's bounties are far above the forth one, Usopp's 200 millions, so they are almost certainly the 2nd and the 3rd strongest members, whatever the order is. Not considering Jinbe of course
I have no issue with Queen having a wrong analysis based on misinformations i just give him more credit than that. But maybe I’m wrong and he is actually thinking that Usopp is stronger than Brook, Nami and Franky :kayneshrug:
queen means zoro and sanji by second and third he was holding both bounty posters when mentioning the second and third strongest you need to take the visuals into consideration not just the dialogue of a scan i don’t know where you get xdrake and zoro from

and queen believes sanji is second strongest because he currently has the higher bounty queen doesn’t know sanji and zoro personally he’s just going by the bounties. queen doesn’t even know jinbe joined the straw hats if he does he would believe jinbe is the second strongest

i don’t get what’s all the fuss is about
WRONG, according to your logic, he said that sanji is 3rd without looking at him, and without knowing his real level of power, and what about the others dudes from luffys crew? How can queen say that zoro is stronger than them, based of your theory that he saw the power levels of zoro.:gonope:
You are just trolling yourself at this point.
Aren't zoro known by the world as 2nd best fighter in shp? Like dresrossa baby 5 mention it.
There is nothing to decipher.
Japanese are reading from right to left and when you read, the last page ends above the first.
I supposed that you already read a book or at least several papers in one go. So you should know what I’m talking about.

As we learn in Long Ring Long Land people in universe know that bounty is not only about strength.
Reading right to left is only an argument if both bounty posters were side to side.

Queen is looking at both bounty posters with Sanji on top of Zoro. You cant say right to left....since clearly Queen will read the bounty poster on top first.

Again you would have an argument if they were side to side. But theyre not.
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