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The consistent cowardice and the readiness with which Usopp intends to sell out his crew when he's in a pickle solidifies for me that there's a huge character arc waiting for him at Elbaf.
I highly doubt it'll be a brief arc like many people started believing after the series ending 5 year ending statements from Oda
But usopp really wouldn't sell out the crew. He's a coward, yes, but when he is forced into a situation himself, he'll say & do what's necessary.

Switch Usopp & Nami being caught by Ulti.... you really think usopp would say that to save his own ass?
There you go again.

Apoo is still running scared, told us they're too much for him, had his attack tanked by Zoro and Drake, is limited to only blocking their attack with his tonfas, and was overpowerd amd forced back. If you look at the scene after Queen looks at the bounties Apoo used just attack again. If Zoro isn't heavily damaged in that chapter this means that he took three of Apoo attacks and brush them off with ease.

Zoro once again proven how durable he is.
Wha ? What is this lvl of cap. The attack was aimed at fodders. They wanted the cure and he attacked them.
Lovely chapter. Very pleased to see other major fights begin to unfold outside of Kaido and the Scabbards.

True Yonko Big Mom vs hyped up psuedo-Yonko Marco. Well, he gets a star for trying. Cool to see his flames have an effect against real fire, maybe even against Akainu's magma. Unfortunately, Marco couldn't even beat rookie Blackbeard one year ago and would have certainly brought more Whitebeard Pirates if he knew Big Mom was getting involved. Or at least taken Jujitsu lessons from Jinbe on how to handle a big lady. Big Mom states she has no more souls to use on Marco, seems she used her daily soul quota reanimating that household junk stuck in the banquet hall. She did it for the yokai points. I have to laugh at unconscious Zeus still being perfectly functional. Big Mom continues to be the single character that could flip this war on his head and so far no solution to her in sight.

Perospero states the truth nobody wants to hear: Pedro killed himself! And for that he almost gets his eyes clawed out by two savage babes. It's true! Peros was only protecting Tottoland from terrorists who wrecked the tea party, stole a poneglyph, and almost killed Big Mom. Peros did nothing wrong...unless you're a Vinsmoke Judge fan. Sulong Wanda looking foxy just like her relative Inu. Carrot by herself did pretty well against a buffoon like Daifuku and his entire fleet. Perospero is an order higher in IQ, but Pedro already did his part taking away one arm. If the worst comes to pass, Wanda could blow off the other arm with a Pedro special and let Carrot finish the job.
Queen knows about the Vinsmokes, ergo all the cool scientists know each other. Vegapunk, Caesar, Judge, Queen, even Lindbergh were all buddy-buddy in the same lab at one point. Or Queen is from North Blue. Interesting that Queen is targeting Zoro and Sanji, with Sanji on his way up the tower this might be the next match up we see unfold. Meanwhile, Apoo continues to be a wonderful surprise taking on the infected crowd including Zoro and X-Drake. Back in Sabaody, it was X-Drake who was stopping two Supernova at once. Who can swing their weapons at Apoo and cover their ears at the same time? Even mouth sword Zoro would just get whacked by a tonfa. Can't wait to see what this lad is capable of without his DF. Apoo won't go down to a cheap weakness!

We got a rare Robin expression, scared to death that she might lose Chopper.
When the doctor that's supposed to cure you all gets infected first. Too bad he's not immune to flesh diseases like Brook.

The Usopp and Nami dream team living through a real nightmare right now. It makes me happy seeing them fight together, but Usopp just took a 4-ton bat to the face and Nami has her bloodiest beating since the time skip. As expected, Usopp and Nami reaching Ulti and Page One's level is an insurmountable obstacle that's going to take a lot suffering, willpower and smarts. Ulti and Page One are playing around and not even taking damage. I love Ulti in her oversized hybrid form acting as Kaido's ultimate enforcer. Her brain goes haywire at the idea that other pirates think anyone but Kaido will be Pirate King. Nami on the brink insisting it's going to be Luffy harkens back to their earlier talk about how easily each of them would give into torture:
Usopp thinking it's okay for Nami to lie might seem out of place, but it's a perfectly Usopp way to show how he cares about the lives of others. We've seen when Usopp steps up that he gains the resolve to give up only his own life, he has been never okay with seeing others lose theirs. I hope all the Strawhats end up in fights as uphill as these two. Tama to the rescue with Komainu. Because she's not riding a big bird, I have to assume she was the one stalking Robin and Jinbe. How did a big golden dog stow away in the samurai fleet? Anyways, the ability to brainwash Gifters doesn't seem so useful now that everyone on the floor is catching the Ice Oni so her purpose here intrigues me.

This chapter makes a very big case for Act 3 ending soon in tragedy. We've already got Strawhats suffering in partially offpanel fights with Nami and Usopp going down like Robin and Usopp against Trebol and Sugar, only for Dressrosa to reset and move to the final battle phase. Can't forget the Doc Chop himself being infected. It's not as if every Strawhat and ally has to be defeated for Act 3 to end, that didn't happen in Dressrosa and Luffy and Zoro already went down once. But it would be nice if Kaido's boys racked up some Ws. Whether the Act is ending soon or not, the march to Chapter 1000 continues.


Heavy Metal
So first impressions of the chapter:

let’s begin with the biggest Situation. Nami close to Death, accepting her death, knowing there is no escape, but refuse to just went one millimeter against her Captain. True loyalty here, specially from a coward like her. Deep respect Miss future Pirate Queen.

Second things, let’s just say goodbye to Perospero. Poor guy gonna feel sulong revenge. Only solution I can see from him is when Pedro survived, maybe even saved by Pero, for some reason.

third big part, Chop-Bro! Someone let Zoro know about the circumstances of chopper. Apoo will be done in seconds. Same for PayPay and Ulti when Sanji gets to know how close to death nami is, let alone luffy. If Nami dies, Luffy will Release Level 0 and will go Full rampage there.

critical mindset

Apoo's goes around making shit explosions

Here you see Vergo causing massive amounts of collateral damage and the whole railing system buckles from the force of Vergo's breath. This was after being fazed with Law's 2nd most lethal attack that was a finisher used against Doffy, only Law used 2 hands to generate signifcantly more potential against Vergo
Andanyone should agree Smoker does more damage than Sanji ever did from a similarly placed kick, and look at the damage Smoker does to the railing and compare that to Vergo

Let's see what actual cheat Apoo used to be able to block Zoro's Enma strike and hybrid X Drake. Anyone here thinks Apoo can legitimately block Zoro and X Drake with tonfas is crazy


I'm glad Carrot and Wanda will get their revenge on Perospero.
I was disappointed Carrot didn't get to stand up to him in WCI climax.

Mama seems to be headed towards a group of Ice Plague infected soldiers.
Ice Mama incoming? Maybe Chopper will treat her triggering an O-Lin return.

I like Marco as a wild card, even he admits to being uncertain of his role.
He could join against Kaido, a Calamity, a Topi Roppo, etc... All options on the table for him :phoenixmarco:

Apoo lowkey the most savage dude on the island since the raid started :pepapoo:
I don't see him willingly switching to the alliance's side. He might do it to take out a common enemy in Queen.
Drake and Zoro duo is cool. They'll probably join vs Kaido after Queen's game is over. Or take on King/Queen.

Ulti letting herself get caught just to get saved by Paypay :suresure:
We need the backstory asap. Hopefully they don't get tamed by Tama.

I'm used to Usopp being a punching bag, but it sucks seeing Nami beat up this bad.
When it comes to mental and emotional toughness, she's still a beast and one of the strongest females in the series.

Now only Robin's missing her "Luffy will become Pirate King" moment.
It's probably being saved for when she finally learns of the void century history.
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