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Tama and Komachiyo are in Onigashima? Are they the shadow figure and the ones seen by Marco? Will they be just mere distractions or Oda's tools to convert Smile users into allies? I'm sure Caribou, Onimaru, Babanuki, Tengu and others are there as well... There's no way Tama alone can travel to Onigashima...

Carrot and Wanda, Sulong right away? Will this be quick?

Glad to see Chopper being infected by ice demon... It's time for his plot armor against bioweapons to be gone for good... The only thing left is for the antidote to lost or break so that Chopper himself will formulate an antidote from his own samples... And oh, I wonder if he can retain the ice demon mode for him to be an abominable snowman as they call him way back in the former Drum...

Those PK statements by the crew are getting more and more common... Will that shared will awaken their Haki? Their "fleshes" are weak but their "spirits" sure are high... Nice endurance by Nami and Usopp though, Luffy used CoA to take that same headbutt...

Seeing P1 and Ulti slaying Nami and Usopp, can't help but think, did Oda mess up with the power gap within the crew? I don't think Chopper (the 3rd of their tier) would suffer as much since he already held off his own against BM... And it looks like their gap to the mid tiers (plus Chopper) exponentially grew, quite alarming...

Why do people highlight Queen noticing Sanji? It's a horrible thing for Sanji because he was recognized being a Vinsmoke... Can't he still get his own recognition up to this point? Like, people in OP world recognize Luffy and Usopp not because of their family reputation...

Anyway, at the end of the day I think King will still be Sanji's prey as he's the only ZSJ who can fly... Zoro can have Smoothie... Queen would be Jinbe's prey...

About BM, did she just said that she's reserving souls (energy) to battle the Worst Generation or that has double meanings?
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I was really enjoying this chapter until we got to Usopp vs. paige one and Ulti.

skipping Kiku vs Kanjuro i can deal with it, neither are hugely important and we want to move the story forward.
skipping Jack vs Neko and Inu, i'll take it since Sulong reveals are being saved for Kaido and Jack's had his moments in the spotlight already.

But to dump us in the middle of a straw hat fight, seriously oda, you're going to do that to the actual main crew. why?

Nami's momet should have felt like a big deal and it didn't, we were given this big emotional climax with absolutely no build to it.
Sorry oda it doenst work that way, you need to build the emotional stakes to that level through fear, dread, urgency by showing us just ehat Nami is up against, but you skipped all that, did you not wnat to draw Nami taking damage? then dont feature her in battles, keep her out of the way.
Usopp's moment in alabasta works perfectly because we saw him struggle and how hard he was trying to defeat enemies far stronger than himself. you wanted the exact same payoff here with nami with the least amount of effort.

I was really looking forward to this when Oda set it up a few chapters ago, so to have it turn out so overwhelmingly disappointing is such a let down.

if ending the series in 5 years is such a big deal then why did you introduce a subs et of villains that were not required Oda? if they werent created to showcase the straw hats in full battle then they are simply characters that have been inserted into the story that are holding the plot back from progressing.
do you want to end the series asap oda or dont you, if you do dont introduce characters you dont need, if you dont then give the big emotional climax scenes there proper build, dont just throw it on us and expect us to care.

I never thought for one second that Nami was in any kind of danger because i hadnt seen her be put into any kind of situation that had built my emotions to that level.

i guess the only fully feautured fights we'll be seeing from now till the end of the series will be Luffy's and Zoro's and hopefully Sanji's but the man has barely had a feautured fight since he fought Absalom so i'm not getting my hopes up.

Really cant believe how much of a let down this fight is, maybe oda can redeem it next chapter but my hopes are now placed on the anime to showcase this battle and give it the proper attention it deserved.
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