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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 996
Island of the Strongest

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A lot of ground was covered in this chapter, almost reminiscent of Chapter 955 which ended Act 2. This chapter felt like a lot of moving pieces are coming together and the end of Act 3 feels imminent, perhaps it'll end on 999.

Also was reminded that we'll have a shitton of poneglyph rubbings to decipher by the end of this arc. I'm willing to bet one of those might hint towards the location of Uranus. Robin might bring up the location of Pluton too since all the weapons will be relevant now.

Finally, try questioning Dr. Killer's credibility and you're CANCELLED
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By the way, Sanji fan I hope you ready cuz I dont see anything nice coming out for the next chapter (10 chapter ago Sanji got use
The last time Sanji went on his own, he freed Momo, clashed with King, took a direct attack to his belly from his zoan form and got up without any damage (unless you consider damage a scratch that disappeared after a chapter). You should be more worried about Zoro :whitepress:
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