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One Piece - Chapter 997
Title: Flames

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I’m more and more inclined to think that Kaido is a real dragon rather than a devil fruit user

If he is a real Dragon and he is pulling this kind of feat, i can totally understand why:

-The Celestial Dragons absolutely wanted Vegapuk to make one
-Why Ryuma’s feat is deem to be so insane

But I still can’t believe Oda made Kaido lift an island !!!

Do you know what that means?
That means that One Piece is entering in the over the top AOE realm

Now, do not be surprise to see continental level feat by the end of the série
Yeah, Red Line, your days are counted

By the way, I note the hypocrisy of some people here

-Kaido lifted an island : « OMG Kaido is strong as fuck !!! »
-Zoro cut a mountain : « Just some rocks »

In case you don’t know an island is just some rocks

Talking about Zoro, i do not have much too say to be honest...but...ZORO’S FANS!! WE RIDE!!!!!!!!

@Princeley Just want to continue this discussion from the spoiler thread


I guess thats the point, we even ask the same question for Luffy to a Yonko who is soloing 9 decently strong people and his top 3 fighting Yonko commanders. The point is this is where they fully grow.

I get its hard to believe but its the point where we need to start believing it. Oda is entirely setting up Franky vs. Sasaki right now.

Otherwise, what is the alternative? Who is left to fight any of these people if not the Strawhats? The scabbards are likely done, as they should be after fighting Kaido, and the 3 Supernova Captains on Luffy's side are going after Kaido themselves with him. Potentially Hawkins and Apoo too if they flip sides.

Again, I get its hard to believe, but its something that honestly has to happen because we'll never break the barrier of having the crew strong enough to fighting the Marines, WG or Blackbeard/Shanks then.

Brook, Robin and Franky have been considered relatively similar in strength and are usually grouped together, even by Oda. All 3 have relatively similar bounties too. And coincidently, Sasaki seems to be Franky's matchup while 2 other, more "mature" F6 members are still available (WsW and BM).

Then you have the 2 "kids" in the F6, Page 1 and Ulti, and which seems to be the perfect combination for Chopper fighting one while Usopp and Nami fight the other (which they already have and have now pissed her off).

Just my opinion. Its now or never to be honest, and of we are going through a 400+ chapter plot with virtually no payoff for some of the strawhats it will be massively disappointing.
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Really makes you think if Kaido can literally use the eight trigram elements given he literally uses that as a named attack in base form

We've supposedly seen the manipulation of earth element in this chapter and wind, thunder and fire before too .Cannot wait to see if Oda will decide to incorporate the other ones at some point too.
I'm especially interested in the sea one, given his title and the debate around him being a pure oni/dragon or a DF user.
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