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I really hope that Kaido is a Dragon who hate the Oni Mythical Zoan. That’s way more interesting than him being some guy who ate the Dragon DF. Though this raises the question of if Kaido didn’t eat the Ryu Ryu no Mi, then who did? Maybe Yamato?
You don't really make any sense...
So Kaido is dragon eating oni DF. But his daughter is what, dragon eating dragon DF?
I am always a bit peeved with how everyone prefers Kaido and potentially Yamato to be good ol DF users than for them to be actual dragons, when the latter option would actually make room for so much interesting lore and worldbuilding.

It always feels like there's an overarching plot about dragons in general in the story with your celestial "dragons", using its hoof as their symbol, their enemy's name ironically being Monkey D Dragon.

The existence of dragons in the past, Vegapunks experiments on them and how the celestial dragons seemingly take them as pets, Momo's fruit etc... I could keep going on
Mr. Godlike CoO now falls into fodder's trap. Just how much more his character needs to be regressed?

Once the mighty Mr. Hunter, now acting like a dumb boar that falls into low tier hunters' trap as soon as he is separated from his daddy?
Oda uses known weaknesses for convenient plot and waves any further explanation away.

Oda can say "Women", and then have anything go however he wants with Sanji while ignoring his strength, intelligence or otherwise heightened awareness of the big picture when compared to other characters.

And Oda does this shit without a second thought with a lot of characters.

This time at least he took the time to build a very serious situation and have Sanji react to it in a serious manner, giving him a goal not fueled by his perversion.
Oda Outright Shat On Sanji , I dont wanna Hear Any Excuses From Sanji Fans , Sanji sensing Those Women Tears and All That stuff about him having that Kind Of Observation haki Was Only Gags , Oda Proved It Today , The Gifters Played Him Around.
Finally The Interesting part of the arc is well and truly underway , I imagine things to be very exciting from now and Hopefully no more Boring Chapters
And Holy Shit..... KAIDOOOOOOO :cheers:
Not open for further replies.