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  • Sarahebi repeating Naughty <3. Naughty <3. Naughty <3. This woman is too much.:believe:

  • I still can't tell if the ship falling in the final panel is the Sunny or just that big ship in Orochi's fleet.

  • Boss Ohmosa absolutely wrecking his own allies as an Ice Oni. Shame we didn't get to see it considering he's supposed to be a big deal. There's always the anime.

  • Marco saying the Strawhats are the main muscle of this raid and they should be on the roof. I agree. Hope they all get big fights.

  • Cheers to Mizerka for getting promoted from regular Gifter at the start of the banquet to Headliner now. Imagine how many samurai she has slaughtered for this opportunity. She certainly has the leg strength lifting that ape all day.
Now I see why Shiryu didn't get the diamond fruit. Zoro cutting the "toughest guy in the world" could not be followed up by a Shiryu who recently ate a fruit. Yes, the Scabbards nicked Kaido here and there. But according to Kaido, the combined attack by Denjiro+Ashura+Inuarashi+Kin'emon was not strong enough to open his old wound. They are dealing superficial damage. Kaido knows he's no in danger and, quite franky, got bored of their attacks. For the Zoro who scarred Kaido's legendary superhuman defense, dragon scales on top of it, possibly even protected by Kaido's Yonko haki to then have trouble cutting diamond would look a little silly. Shiryu, Fujitora, Mihawk, these will be tests of swordsmanship or other skills rather than cutting material.
You know it's serious when Chopper receives a compliment yet he stays committed to the task. Always very nice to get some Zo-Cho, big bro and little bro have had their sparing moments across the series. The cover page is even a fusion of Chopper and Zoro sending Sanji to Simpel Down. :madmonk::madmonk:Zoro for some reason dreams of getting Chopper's praise on the same level that Sanji dreams of Nami.

Chopper curing disease in the middle of war, doing it when he was infected himself. What a neat moment for him. Enemies and samurai even teaming up against Apoo, Chopper in perfect form to capitalize. The result of Chopper's work here could mean thousands of pirates defect from Kaido and join the alliance. The equivalent of Chopper taking out thousands of Beast Pirates by himself and also recruiting thousands more warriors for the alliance. That would be amazing.
This is actually a big concern. Flying Onigashima essentially means the stage is set. It's very hard to get new players in and out of the raid. The Marines can't invade unless Fujitora specifically comes along to levitate the ships. Perospero can't help the Big Mom pirates with his candy constructs as he is occupied right now. Perhaps Mont D'or can float them up with enough books, there is some hope for the BMP. The Blackbeard Pirates? Maybe Lafitte with his wings can carry the major players? Weevil has a very slim chance of getting up there. Not even entertaining the Rev Army. CP0 all posses geppou so they're the most viable third party invaders. Of course, it's possible they're already on the island and biding their time.
Yamato reaches the edge, sees the cloud around the rocks, then turns around. Once again, it looks bad for her half-dragon chances. Yamato should able to fly in a limited fashion or at least undo Kaido's cloud. She talks about dragons in general because like many noble Wanonese, she probably thinks Devil Fruits are magic or supernatural powers and what Kaido can do probably applies to all dragons out there. It could be general One Piece mythology. She's right on the mark as Momo can technically create his own flame clouds to fly so that describes two dragons.

There's a theory going around that Onigashima could be the missing God Valley moved by Kaido himself. The support for that idea so far looks quite weak. Kaido only came to Wano after Orochi laid the ground work gathering gold and building factories to lure him in. Oden called it an empty little island as he knew it all his Wano life. Kaido says he only recently settled it and built a mansion there.

Izo says the same thing here. He has not been in contact with Wano for 30 years. It was a poorly accessible, empty island with no name to the Wanonese and Kaido named it sometime after Oden's death. We have no reason to believe Marco knows anything about Wano, knows anything about God Valley. If Whitebeard told him about his shameful past then Izo would likely have this knowledge as well.

The second point is why would Kaido preserve the death place of Rocks? He glorifies Roger, Whitebeard and Oden's death. He never says anything about Rocks. He hates their former members Big Mom and Whitebeard. Is Rocks alive and Kaido is waiting for him on this island? We don't have a clue if he admired Rocks or thought he was a powerful fool. Why not take Hachinosu, which is also a giant rocky skull and the birth place of the Rocks crew? Whitebeard might have gladly sold it to Kaido considering how distasteful his memories are of Rocks.

The last point is that God Valley was where some Celestials were living away from Reverie. For the nobles to live inside a cavern in a grotesque rocky skull would be some bizarre taste. To leave no signs of their civilization behind is just really out of place. If Kaido wiped it all before he moved the island, you would at least see signs of destruction and not just barren rock on the outside. I get the feeling this theory only became popular this week as the fossilized head revealed to be missing the rest of its body shut down any ideas about reanimating an Ancient Giant.
Just on your one point about the "stage being set". We have no idea how long the island will be flying for. It could very well land in the next few chapters and more people join the fight. There is a big chance many of the fights actually take place on Wano instead because several characters are still missing and will likely play roles later.


Something tells me they are getting back up one last time for dramatic finishes. Potentually Oden's haki/will having to do with it in some way.
I thought they had a last charge in them before this chapter, but Kaido lifting the island seems to indicate a brand new stage in the story. Not sure the Scabbards will get in one last try anymore. It’s ridiculous that Kaido looks unscathed. Dude is a tank.
I thought they had a last charge in them before this chapter, but Kaido lifting the island seems to indicate a brand new stage in the story. Not sure the Scabbards will get in one last try anymore. It’s ridiculously that Kaido looks unscathed. Dude is a tank.
True, maybe a flashback? Idk, I just feel like we should see the dramatic finish, otherwise its anticlimactic.
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