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This is literally the best defense you have for him falling into the enemy’s obvious trap, and it still ignores that his overwhelming perversion and weakness for women is so well-known that they planned for it.
And the nice touch is Oda did not motivate him going there by his perversion. I was ready to see the horny dog face at the thought of seeing a naked woman, which would have obviously been incredibly inappropriate, but Oda does this kind of shit.

Instead we got a Sanji that genuinely goes there for the sake of the woman that seems to be assaulted and about to get raped.

I'm perfectly fine with that. I'd rather stand by a Sanji that attempts to stop a rape, than a Sanji that does nothing about it.
I think luffy zoro sanji jinbe are avoiding fighting all star to fight kaido. All of them want to beat kaido. If that's the case the match up probably like

King vs marco
Queen vs drake
Jack is already down by the minks

Zoro has beaten apoo
Probably sanji will beat hawkins or fukurokuju then go help with kaido

Robin vs black maria
Brook vs WsW
Stop trying to include Sanji just because zoro will do something . Sanji does not have ryou he cannot even pinch kaido. Unless you’re saying Sanji will miraculously do better as a brawler then luffy fresh off beating katakuri. Which is plain nonsense
I think Marco's going to pest Big Mom some more now that she went for the roof, instead of fighting King. We will need some characters focused on keeping her busy, and i think Zoro's much more suited to go the path of the Beast Pirates.

Zoro vs King with Zoro cutting fire is where it's at while first round of Luffy and Kidd vs Kaido goes down, and then later on Zoro comes in with an assist and opens up Kaido's scar at some point after defeating King.
That makes sense. It would be tough for Zoro too pull off King and Kaido in one go.

There are so many avenues Oda can go with it. Another avenue I see is Jimbei and Sanji taking on King and Queen as well, but I think that's less of a possiblity than Zoro and Sanji taking them both on
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