Who Got More Hype This Chapter

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What if chapter 1000 spoiler is about Kaido clashing with Zoro?
The only thing worthy of ch1000 is actually one of the legends or Top Powers appearing!
Either Xebec, or Revs and Dragon (since he appeared in ch 100), or some other Yonko like BB!
But generally, I'm not expecting much from Ch1000
Just a slight excitement that maybe Oda will pull something great, maybe not


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I think Sanji will get torture we need to know how beasts pirates deal with breaking people spirit
Thats my guess
IIRC Killer lost his spirit but not just because he ate the smile. It was all the atrocity he underwent in Udon that changed him, then perhaps that is the key. However it didn't exactly work on Kidd on the other hand, then the Smile is also of utmost importance.
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