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Lmfao, holy smokes. Oda has Sanji looking like clown shoes while Zoro is looking GOATED. Wano is absolutely tearing both fandoms apart. And is it just me or is something missing? Oh yeah, where is that energy from back when Apoo cut Zoro? I'm not here to preach Zoro's greatness or nun like that since it was already done enough but damn, one-shotting another Supernova. Whew.
There are a few pages missing still
Shhh buddy, I know it's a hard day for you. I can see your shit has stiffened in your bowels causing a bit of discomfort. Try to stay calm, I'm sure sanji will defeat those gifters next chap
man, I like Zoro and Sanji.

if something affected me, it was more for Mihalwk, I didn't like Kaidou as more powerful than Shanks / Mihalwk.

Now there is no denying the fact, that in the image posted, Apoo is dealing with DRAKE. he would defeat Apoo solo, it would be much better, don't you think?
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