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Yooooo!!!!!! Let's go my fellow zoro fans we eating good today!!!!!

Yes, Zoro will solo Kaidou. I took my L. Now let us move on to next topic. Will Kaido atleast make Zoro use his bandana? How many swords will he use? In chapter 1000 will he kill Kaidou? Or just hold back by Oda just to milk Wano arc?
worst time to get break
It wasn't a sneak attack. Apoo saw Zoro and couldn't do anything at all about it.
I do, but it's not like Zoro came out of nowhere and he didn't know he was up against Zoro.

The very same thing happened to Killer. He didn't have a problem dealing with Zoro's normal speed but can't handle Zoro fast and powerful name attack speed.

Remember, Oda stated Zoro uses high speeds in short bursts. This is how he does it, through his name attacks.
I think Zoro would defeat Apoo alone. But I have to agree with ~ Sanji fans, Apoo had his hands full, a scenario similar to ult vs luffy. Anyway, I will wait for the translation to see the full context.

more we have facts here

Zoro 1 sword's attack is more powerful than Kid's Gibson and his Haki is stronger than Apoo's

Gol D. Roger

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u need to show kurwa the tonfa meme
This panel is misleading. It looks as though Zoro severed Apoo's arm.

Mate, fucking Kaido's wounds disappeared the next panel. That doesn't mean shit.

A bruise is a bruise, no matter how much you downplay. Something Zoro didn't achieve.
I am not downplaying. You're giving G3 way more credit than what it actually deserves. Kaido has way too many wounds to depict them all in detail while the stain on Fujitora's face is the only mark he has ever received in the entire fight. It's hard to forget about it on multiple occasions even for Oda. Even if it were a bruise, Zoro still looked impressive when he pushed the admiral back with a one handed slash which had to travel against gravity before being blocked.
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