What will happen in chapter 1000?

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Yamato's statement seems like an obvious set up to have chapter 1000 be about Ace, or Ace & Kaidou. I doubt we'll get a full on fight, but a clash would be cool
Facts everyone saying Kaido this and that, but what about Big Momu. Funny how ppl ignore the raging elephant in the room
there isn't a single scratch on BM & she is already 68

She is nearly equal to kaido based on portrayal

So Zoro making BM bleed will be as monstrous as oden .

So I bet on Zoro & law vs BM

Because zoro always go for the second strongest which in this case is BM

taking down a 4.3 billion bounty yonko would be a great for zoro

& king vs marco
Sanji vs queen

Enma will make BM bleed
Oda is just gonna let Maria and WsW show off against high tiers, like how he let Ulti and Sasaki show off against Luffy and Yamato. Also, look at the formula for every big arc. The weaker SHs get their fights set up first, then Zoro and Sanji get their fights set up, and then Luffy gets his fight set up last. So it would make sense for the weak and mid trios to have their fights set up before Jinbe gets his fight (against Jack) set up
I still dont think most of the strawhats will get solo fights by i do agree with your matchups more or less tbh
jimbei is not on sanji and zoro lvl he is stronger
You know what im 100% fine with exepting that
jimbei is not on sanji and zoro lvl he is stronger
I think he is stronger than sanji, but i dont think he is stronger than zoro. But who knows maybe oda want to make him the 2nd strongest in the crew. if in the sea he is strongest in the sh alliance.
Btw is jinbe really got nothing lost from betray BM? i think he got his lifespan decreased n maybe in near time he will die because of that.
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