Who will Zoro Cut (not the fish Kaido)

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a carp becoming a dragon by jumping to the of a waterfall (dragon gate) is a famous myth in Asia so if kaido's fruit is based on that it'd make sense

also it was kinaa foreshadowed at the start of wano when strawhats entered wano

anyways I've some bets

no ZKK
BB will take kaido's fruit

anyone up for it??
I'm totally in for #2 and #3.

But you guys are aware of what I think about scenario #1, this is Oda and he may always leave us shocked. But I want to be cautious, let's see against whom Zoro and Marco head exactly and how the plot shapes up. I'm afraid it will take at least a few chapters before Kaido will finally have his opponents. But on one thing I'm rather certain, Zoro shall fight him regardless of the outcome.
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