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Welcome to Chaos🌙
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At least the Ace flashback didn't last too long, it would have been boring otherwise.

That statues scene is just ridiculous, I doubt Kaido even noticed them and even if he did he must have not cared or laughed at the idea that a brat like Ace could even imagine that he could threaten him.

I am really hyped for a Rocks Pirates flashback. I kinda enjoy the fact that Kaido and Big Mom have a sibling relationship in their own twisted way, that's far better than them having any romance or sexual relationship.
Great chapter.

WB stuff makes 100% sense.

Go to a war against other younko in his territory wouldnt bring oden back would only bring more losses of his TREASURE that IS HIS crew.


WHITEBEARD TREASURE HEADCANNON= Civilians of wano and his Man family.

Imagine going to a war Just to lose even more of what is more important in his life.

Some people think that, avenge oden pra free people of kaido ia Just going to a bar and beat up some drunks in the way and thats It.

You did good WB, You are no saint, you are a pirate, and we ever knew that your crew your real treasure.

If this doesn't confirm Tama and Momo as crewmates idk what does

But my main problem the 3rd most likely recruit is Yamato and the biggest problem with her is literally brought up in this chapter ... She literally had the Oden journal and shit ton of spoilers that Oda doesn't fuck with

I'm starting to doubt Yamato for StrawHat even tho I really like it personally (unless Oda gets a way to burn or destroy the journal and make Yamato forget everything somehow (Pudding pls) ) .... But Tama and Momo are locked in for sure.
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