One Piece Episode 1003 - A Heroic Blade! The Red Scabbards vs. Kaido, Again Once More

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what a trahs episode.

ut frels like we back to old op again before wano everyone us screaming
bad animation
kinemon cutting fire is fucking trash.

Oh that it? So he went back to pre times skip when we in post time skip? Lol yet people still consider Rob vs Lucci the best fight in the series cus of the anime
I'm actually surprised about that. I think it definitely has some great voice acting and sound design(those were definitely the highlights that made it great for me on rewatch), but in terms of the action itself, a lot of it was pretty limited to downright bad(it did have one of the ugliest episodes artwise in the entire series unfortunately).

It had a few solid episodes action and art wise, and I think those were definitely what made it worthwhile.