One Piece Episode 1006 - I Won't Forgive Him! Chopper's Determination!

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One Piece EPISODE 1006
"I Won't Forgive Him! Chopper's Determination!"

Yurusanē! Choppā no Ketsui!

Opening 24 | PAINT - I Don't Like Mondays.
Chapter(s) : -

Screenplay | 田中仁 - Hitoshi Tanaka
Art | 田中里緑 - Midori Tanaka
Animation | 久田和也 - Kazuya Hisada
Direction |
田中亮輔 - Ryōsuke Tanaka
Storyboard | 田中亮輔 - Ryōsuke Tanaka & 長峯達也 - Tatsuya Nagamine
Airdate: January 16, 2022

[Episode 1007 PREVIEW]

OP 24 - TV Size

Decent episode

I loved Shinobu doing all her best to try and protect Momonouske and reminding him he will be the future Shogun of Wano.

Yamato honestly has some of the most badass Thunder Bagua's but she really needs to stop calling herself Oden all the time lol

Now that Chopper is there, its his time to shine to help find the antidote fo rQueen's bullets.

Kiku just playing off getting his/his arm severed like its nothing like “I am fine” god damn lol

I am glad Kaido went back to his human form which I think can be a lot more useful than his Dragon form.
  • Why do I get the feeling animators love any scene with Ulti or Yamato?

  • Turtoise Gifter flying in a with UFO spin and bullying Shinobu. Bruh stole Sasaki's thunder.
  • A merciless blow that might as well foreshadow CoC followed up with the Oden pose. Damn, Yamato.:crazwhat:

  • Queen's maniacal laughs are growing on me. I'll let his bad actions this episode slide.
  • Gifter GOATs Hamlet and Four Tricks are finally here. :finally:That tremor you're feeling? Wano's screaming fangirls.
  • Kiku's muffled voice as the wound gets cauterized :emohiyo:

  • A bloody red moon behind a colossal base Kaido as he starts talking about death and the Scabbards realize what's about to come. Great cliffhanger.
Quite a strong episode this time. Art quality a bit iffy on the group shots like Sasaki on his throne, OST on the more generic side not bringing out as much as it could from gorgeous-looking scenes, but that's about all the negatives. The many dynamic camera angles like Chopper's perspective shifting from his face to his back as he looks up at Queen in his tower. Bullets fired as Sasaki points his finger slowing down to stress the drama and damage Shinobu is about to face. Turning a nothing Yamato Vs Gifter, actually building up that guy as a threat, to create an impactful rescue scene Momo surely burned into his mind. The use of color and lighting effects when King is giving orders, Hamlet and Four Tricks introduce themselves, the entire Kaido scene at the end, etc. Just shows how all the right pieces coming together can elevate fairly standard content into a quality episode.
Mid episode but the subtitles always referring to Yamato as 'he' sort of ruins it for me a little when watching


I forgot how much Sanji got dunked on to be honest around this part. They didn't even mention him with Luffy and Jinbei


Zoro episode next week things are picking up but if I have to see Queen firing that gatling gun one more time...
The subs are really confusing calling Yamato he, very lame.

Strange paneling in the episode, focusing on a blue lamp for 5 seconds, weird angled shots to avoid animating areas awkwardly.

This is a slow point in the war anyway so not all Toei's fault.