One Piece Episode 1010 - Eliminate the Ice Oni - Chopper's Fire Trick!

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Episodes like these make me sad so many people dropped the anime. It's very impressive how Toei's adapted Wano so far.
Toei loves Zoro a lil too much, hoping Apoo doesn't get trashed later on. :zorothink: But this scene was absolutely DOPE:

Linlin and Zoro locking eyes as a prelude of what's to come. Toei is about to go HARD on Rooftop Piece. :finally:
This was a good episode, but what was the point of taking Drake's distracting clash with Apoo away from him in the anime when it was in the manga??

He's already basically done not much of anything this whole arc which still confuses the crap out of me.
Woah Kid has CoA. That's what I expect from Luffy's greatest rival!!!

Zoro scene was well done, enjoyed the flashback leading up to the Apoo neg. Prefer the manga though

Few more days until Zoro W and Sanji L in the same episode :steef:

The reddit thread had to close that day, wonder if the anime thread will too? :vistalaugh: