One Piece Episode 1018 - Kaido Laughs! Four Emperors vs. New Generation!

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zoro has a lot of haki, it's insane.
he's not even going all out, yet he can easily infuse a dragon sized amount of haki into a single sword for a single attack.
completely overpowered kaido's little twisters (which overpowered both kid and killer), and dealt massive external and internal damage.
tatsumaki is literally nothing compared to the rest of zoro's attacks, a basic fodder sweeper that he can do without even wielding a sword, but it was powerful enough to embarrass a yonko.

all these scrubs going all out can do nothing to kaido's scales.
zoro with a basic attack, puts them all to shame.

my GOAT. :cheers:
and its not even a clean tatsumaki
it coutered kaidos tatsumaki then cuts kaido

a clean tatsuamaki would cut kaido 2/5 to inside

damn current KoH zoro really neg diff prime kaido and EOS luffy
Where did you see zoros tatsumaki counter kaidos?? You are the clown who keeps on going about your delusions . And you won't even stop . Aren't you ashamed of yourself


Man that was really one of the worst anime chapter i have seen. they just screwed up and keep ignoring the one piece community and doing what they want.
I am done with this shit untill next roof piece episodes
dogshit episode. Takeshita truly is one of the worst. Outside of the Standout moments (which does not correlate with the important moments the episode had to offer) it was completely dreadful. Might be the worst Wano episode for me considering how hyped i was for this content to be adapted when i read the chapter.
The first half of the episode managed to compete and give me Sumo Episode flashbacks.
Even though this episode had a full chapter given to it, while the Sumo episode was less than 8 pages.

But hey, let's give the Tama episode insane KA's. People love her, don't they?

Poor management. Complete miss
What I don´t understand, we had now 3 episodes back to back rooftop piece.
Isn´t rooftop battle the best opportunity to add more fight scenes rather to drag a single episode to much?
I feel like they really miss the opportunity to make the rooftop piece fights even better, since they could easily add more stuff to make the battles better, for Kid and Law as example. So they waste the opportunity in my opinion, in the past they add lot of filler fight scenes(Doffy vs Luffy), however in wano they hold back with that chance.

Totally agree in case, poor management.
And got hell down Tama, going to skip the next episode and only look at the Sasaki vs Franky part, fuck off Tama..
Worst part of the raid.
"Roofpiece gonna have bunch of filler to make up for the fact they closed the gap with the manga"

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atleast zoro going super sayian was cool
the attack was garbage :suresure::josad:
That part was garbage, he looked more like he belonged in dbz than in OP with haki.
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Luffy Gatling had a unbelievably bad animation, it was almost comical, nothing was on point lol
Last episode ending - a very fluid Kong Gatling

Transition to beginning of this episode - powerpoint presentation
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