One Piece Episode 1020 - Sanji's Scream! An SOS Echoes Over the Island

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  • Singing as they hurt Sanji is adorable. I can't even feel bad since you know Sanji loves it.:catlewd:

  • Carrot and Wanda's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

  • Ultimate move first. Candy arm defense. Candy net + Candy maiden to take out Wanda. Perospero is a sick sick man, but it is such a pleasure to see him fight.
  • Enel put on some cute lipstick before saving the Scabbards.:suresure:

  • The hall reverberating with Sanji's voice is extra humiliating. It feels so much more powerful that he sucks up his pride and bets it all on Nico Robin. And to be real, Maria letting someone broadcast her location and hostage situation is a dumb move on her part.
  • The biggest and most satisfying b*tch slap in One Piece.:akaman:
Nice episode. Between Sanji's abuse, candy-coated Carrot, Hyogoro's growth hormones, and Robin there's a fetish for everyone. Visually and in OST terms the episode is okay, but I do like how it spends time fleshing out things Oda couldn't. Hyogoro who we got see bitten last week now we see transform on screen, Perospero Vs Mink action, various little scenes of Marco and King. Exactly the manga stuff I wanted to see expanded. Sanji's prolonged abuse and public humiliation, not to mention some shots of Maria looking sadistic with her head tilted and tongue out, all adds weight to Robin's entrance. Great place to end it.
Toei is giving their best to make that scene the most annoying possible by stretching it out and making filler scenes

Jesus, they even stretched it out to the next episode when they could've finished it now already, the manga was simply straight to the point

Atleast they included Sanji and Robin's flashbacks, that was on point
Why are you always complaining about the anime? :saden:
Toei can't make a panel with a couple of words last for 10 minutes, there's obviously things that happen in-between.
Lanji is A disgrace what a Shit level written Character :whitepress:

Franky > Lanji as a Character

Killer > Gap > Lanji from power level
Of course a Zoro stan would say that looking uncool once would make you a shit character. Zoro post ts has just been a cool face and powerlevel.
A character having flaws he needs to surpass? Having inner conflict that is tied to your past and present? Whats that?