One Piece Episode 1026 - The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to Tear Apart the Emperors

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And people try to say Toei doesn't love zoro

No wonder why OP anime sucks, they adding stuff and rewriting scenes for their own agendas to sell more

Simply dumb.

How can you literally change Law sending off BM after Kid blows her up
Zoro cutting the cliff for her to fall?!
Lidd's whole arc is doing what a near dead Zoro did on the rooftop and getting credit for bomb-kun...anime only will forever see him as the copycat that could never stand up against the real antagonist. :kobeha::kobeha::kobeha:
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  • Gorgeous shots using Wano's many environments in that short original Oden flashback.

  • I see 7 Orochi heads but only 6 got cut. Raizo got sloppy.
  • Kaido and Luffy spiraling through the air like that:doffytroll:...Toei really does miss Super.
  • Luffy and his cheerleaders scene from the OP got worked into the fight.:akaman:

  • The Kaido copter not so funny after the black lightning comes out. Ragnaraku too intense.

  • Love how fluid it all feels in motion. Even after Luffy conks out, everyone simultaneously moves ahead to eliminate BM.
What a great episode. The rest of 1009 adapted with the Orochi portion a wee bit too long to help pacing, nice that his execution was quick, easy and as bloody as needed, but all is forgiven since the rooftop portion was amazing. Three stunning sequences interspersed between two breather moments (Kaido talking to Zoro was interesting too), an excellent fusion of canon and filler to prolong the action and give less active characters like Big Mom and Killer more involvement. OST really on point this week giving the action extra energy. I loved Luffy blocking an attack for Zoro since it's only been the other way until now. Also the use of environmental lighting this episode - everything going dark when the gang gets floored, then warm lighting with sakura flowing when Luffy pumps his haki again.

:catsweat:Sad to see the end of RoofPiece around the corner, but very excited for that finale.
The filler scene with zoro and bm was unnecessary. It's not as crazy as people make it to be, or toei have fall in love with zoro lol. Sanji beating x drake was fine, zoro cutting a piece of land is love for marimo lol.
The worst part of those episodes is that they look like dragon Ball. Luffy vs kaido was like Goku vs jiren. It did have some cool scenes though.
Next episode

Kaido sees Oden in Zoro again (like during Hyriu Kaen)

Flashback between Mihawk vs Kaido

Kaido says he finally found someone who far surpassed Oden

Kaido falls to his knee