One Piece Episode 1026 - The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to Tear Apart the Emperors

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Honestly, the action this episode was leaps and bounds better than the manga.

Episode used the chaotic nature of the team battle way more effectively than the manga with characters cutting in and out of the fight quickly and effectively showcasing the team work between both the emperors and the supernovas.

The fact the action was so fast paced and actually had some choreography is a big step up from the manga, which tends to just rely on big finishers like in chapter 1002(episode 1017). As a result, the action feels a ton more faster paced and energetic than something that is way more animated like 1017.
There is some much aura here and there now we don't even know which attack is stronger than which
Well. Still cool episode aand I think we have to live with these aura episodes now
Now??? so you going act 1 wasn't like this? Lol

:seriously:so this is what OP became?
I just saw a clip of the episode
Became? You act like this your first time seeing this when you was in other episodes thread saying the same shit lol stop acting brand new