One Piece Episode 1027 - Defend Luffy! Zoro and Law's Sword Technique

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It's a small thing but I like how Kaido addresses & identifies Prometheus in this ep (chapter too IIRC). Not sure why, but I find it really humanizing that Kaido could've had conversations with Prometheus in the past.
I mean realistically, he’s known them ever since he’s known Big Mom. So yeah, they’ve definitely interacted especially during their time on Rocks!
law is speechless, Zoro with advcoa / ryou made a 3bilion man speechless.

Asura or any advcoc slashes with Zoro are just overkill (flying dragon blaze made 2 yonkos fear for their live) :cheers:

Zoro in better state would have fought Kaido for a match longer period, the anime made it clear that Zoro was in an horrible state after Hakkai (law cant understand how that possible).:kuzanshut: