One Piece Episode 1045 - A Spell! Kid and Zoro Facing Threats!

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unironically best animated fight since luffy vs katakuri finale. And OST was actually good with the fight.
Action was billion times better than in shitty chainsaw man anime

anyway, did they upgrade sfx like Sanji's skywalk and Queen's lasers? Or is this just for one episode and they will go back to those shitty old sfx?
Flame mode on still had to block

Also "I am gonna cut your leg and feet"

Cannot even cut Pre genes Sanji with slash Attack.

Post genes Sanji would tank It no issue.

Also, if Queen's sword blocked concasser just like King did, but Queen's sword was destroyed against Sanji's new durability, this Means King's sword would break too.

Let's Hope the anime Will put a sword Clash between Queen and Zoro in their brief tag fight
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I don't even see a single drop of Blood from Sanji.

He seems to be exhausted more than damaged lmao.

A sword cutting Attack from King can't even make Sanji Blood a bit.

How Is King supposed to damage Esoskeleton Sanji? He doesn't have enough AP. :ronalugh:
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Sanji doesn't need haki magic sword to deal with two commanders.
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Toei showed why Sanji vs Queen has the potential to be a good fight to watch: a dino-tank that spams laser against a fast flying dude that dodges everything and hits hard when he gets the chance to do it.
It's like seeing a From Software Souls Boss Fight
Let's hope they'll keep this quality for the ending part of the fight.
I want to see much more use of Germa powers by Queen and OP speed feats by Sanji.